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Remember me? Of course you don't. I've been awfully sick and haven't had the time nor the interest in getting back on here.

I've been absorbed. Things here, stuff there, whatever else inbetween.

.. porn.. .. xD

It's true, porn. Porn! LALALA. dskgljhe6765

Beside that, hmm. Shopping at Soitenly. I love clearance, I really do.
ERIN SENT ME.. THE BOX. It was filled with crafts and treats. I LOVE YOU ERIN. <3 Thank you! I'm munching (sucking?) on those candy erasers right now. Rotting my teeth, I am. Indifferent. Wax lips were included, and I plan on taking a picture of myself wearing them soon. Soon! Someday.

My last day to sleep in, tomorrow. Time flies!
What else?

Nothing. Plan to give blood again. Hope I don't pass out this time! May 5th. Is this 6 months from the last time I gave blood? I hope so.

Delirious, tired. Can't stop eating candy erasers!
I love this chicken-pail. It's indescribably cute.

And this porn.. my poor printer! It can't handle 26 more pages of this crap.
But it will, because I'll force it to and buy a new cartridge if need be.

Been playing Final Fantasy Tactics the past 5 days because I found it in a box labeled "PLAYSTATION GAMES" along with a bunch of oldies that I somehow left behind. (NOT FORGOT. I never forget a great game.)

Speaking of which, I always master Geomancer so fast, it's pretty pointless to make Ramza into anything but a Geomancer/Monk, right? I always follow the same damn path!

And the moon has been keeping me awake the past week. The glaring moonlight just so happens to fall right over my pillow down to about my hips. I mean.. I love the moon, but I love sleeping a while lot more.

Also, my fish died. Both of them. I never bothered to take any photos, but I wanted to show everyone that they totally do look like Venture Bros. characters. That's right, I had one peachy fish with orange all along his top and a black circle over his eye. Also, one larger albino goldfish (no lie) .. or at least he looked it. He was totally white with pink eyes (I believe.. I never looked close enough at his eyes) and a little red diamondy-circle shape on his tail. These two fish.. were named.. !! Dr. Billy Quizboy and Mr. Pete White. Totally. I was in the pet shop place down the block and I saw these 'feeder goldfish' for 35 cents each. There were about.. uh, a billion of them in this huge tank. The guy is like, "These aren't pets. You feed these to larger fish." And I am like, "Okay, I want two of them. I want to spare some fishy lives." And he just shrugs and scoops two random fish out, and I go "AWESOME" and I take them home with me.

I didn't realize it until I was driving home with the fish in a bag sitting on the passenger seat. I looked over and then it hit me. Gasp! Venture Brothers fish! And so that was that. I had Venture Bros. fish. Nutty. Then they died about a week ago. Very sad stuff, that. I miss them already. They were pretty quiet, laid-back fish. Never spoke out, didn't cause much trouble.. just ate their flakes and swam in circles. The resemblances to Quizboy and White were uncanny, though. Perfect-o!

Pete was a little more spastic than Billy was. And Billy died first by about two days. They were not flushed, no; but were given a proper fishy-burial.

Oh, well. :( They are missed.

This entry was kind of.. random. Out there. Wowwee! Let me end it on a high note, an idea that's been floating around in my head for some time..

He called me the other day! Now, I don't believe in 'love' of course, none of that "THERE IS SOMEONE OUT THERE FOR ME" crap.. and I've never actively pursued the complete falsehood that is romance, but I do remember a time when he and I thought we were attracted to eachother but later found out that he just loved my body and I just loved his eyes.

But he called me the other day and I couldn't figure out who he was by the voice, so I was kind of.. "Helloooo? Is this, uh.. yeah, it's.." And he hung up on me, and after I placed the reciever down, it hit me.. along with my hand, because I slapped myself right in the forehead a moment later.

Ain't it? :I
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