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Cabbages and kings?

Today was a bad day. I woke up feeling very sick. My throat was puffy and my head was throbbing, so rather than get out of bed, get dressed and leave, I opted to stay home and slept until 1pm. I'm still sick, so I guess this sick day was a waste.

However, good news reached me as I jumped online this evening -- though I may be losing that eBay auction for PIXYGALE, the doujin that I badly wanted (which had risen in price from 7$ to 28$ in the first two days, so it's hopeless for me), a very sweet girl was kind enough to send me the whole thing via email. She only speaks German, though, so I had a hard time explaining to her what I wanted (but she said my German was good for someone who doesn't know any, so that was an ego boost.) I now own PIXYGALE parts 1 & 2, and.. it was free. I couldn't thank her enough! I went from morose and hopeless to ecstatic. It made my day.

I've also been enjoying another FMA doujin lately, one that I recieved from a private mIRC channel the other day. It's got no title, but it's very interesting although not dotted with passionate sex like the others I have.

From what I can understand (as I'm not great with the Japanese language despite taking that class), during the rebellion, Hughes got very drunk and slept with Mustang, who wasn't drunk and remembers it all. Some time later, Mustang finds a note in his coat pocket with a date, time and address on it, and he heads on over, all the while recalling in his mind the various officers he's been with and what kind of kinky things they're into. He arrives at the address where he's forced into giving head to.. someone. (I think it's The Fuhrer? You can't see the face, but it isn't Hughes. It's some high ranking officer.) Anyway, he's disgusted with the whole thing and washes his mouth out in the sink.

The next day (I assume), he's in office with Hughes, and tells him to go to the locker. Hughes finds a wrapped gift there, and Mustang tells him it's for his daughter. They exchange some cute dialogue about this and that, yadda yadda, but what I find terrific is the layout and way that the artist depicted this scene. It's obvious that Mustang wishes to discuss their night together but he can't; as they're talking, various scenes from that night pop up, as if it's all swimming around in his poor mind as he's with him. Hughes rustles his hair and Mustang swats it away -- their hands become entangled, and it reminds Mustang of how their fingers entertwined while they were engaged in the naughty acts.

(I edited that picture out horribly. It looks a lot better in the doujin itself, surrounded by other scenes. Hahaha. Also, Mustang looks kind of weird there. He looks better, too.) There's also some bits from his initial speech floating around in his head "the heat you don't know about.." Things like that are just awesome. It may not be as steamy as some of the others in my collection, but this one is one of my favourites, now. I love Hughes' oblivious banter, unknowingly distressing Mustang (the poor guy) who's obviously bothered and needy. I can't even discuss the very last scene because it'd be major spoilers for Episode 25 and beyond, so.. but, uh.. the artwork in this one is also fantastic! Everyone looks just as they do in the episodes and stuff.

Which reminds me; I have yet to see a single FMA episode on Adult Swim. I've only seen them all in Japanese, so I really need to try them out dubbed, only because I'm curious. Curious, curious!

Enough of that for now, though -- I get to drive for two hours tomorrow while sick to my stomach! Linda (or someone around here) needs a ride to M-Town. (haha M-TOWN) I really hate going there, despite having spent so much time in it.


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