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Last post of the year!~

Last entry of the year! Wow.

I went to the mall today. I ended up walking out of Spencer's with something in my hand, and not even realizing it. I wasn't about to run back in, so I just went on. It's just a necklace, no big deal. I saw a few people I know, including Jason and Caitlin (though I hate Caitlin..) It was nice seeing Jason after so long. :)

I also had an absolutely awful experience in Electronics Boutique. I went in wearing one of my Mr. T shirts (a kind of small one, I guess.. for once) and I was checking out MGS3. These two guys (seemed like 20 or 22, around there) were there, and staring at me. One goes, "I've never seen a chick in this store before.." I roll my eyes to myself but smile when I turn and attempt to be friendly. They start asking me about games, I tell them. Don't buy Hitman II, buy Manhunt. No, don't get Siren, get Fatal Frame II. We start talking about games, and I sort of lose track (because me + games = <3333333!!)

They start getting a bit more personal and nice. "So.. what're you doing for New Year's?" I'm like, "Nothing much. I can't have alcohol because I've got this drug test tomorrow.." Then they're like, "Want to come with us? I mean.. we're partying at Dave's (the guy next to him) tonight, and it'll just be us and a few friends.. playing PS2 and stuff. We've got Gamecube, too.. some other games.. you wanna?"

"Nah.. I'm thinking of doing something.." I just wanted to get away without being an asshole, so I'm slowly working my way out.. "But thanks anyway." They both sort of "aw, c'mon" at me, but I just shrug it off. Then we start talking about games again for a bit, but then.. the one asks me my name and says, "maybe you could give me your phone number and we could chill sometime? I'd love to play you sometime." His friend goes, "He's great at Super Smash Bros. Melee.." Argh! Forgetting my situation, I just cross my arms over my chest and go, "No one beats me at that game." Well, it's true. No one does! They both grin with glee and start going on and on about how I'm the first 'gamer girl' they've met and how they think girls who play games are hot. "This is my first time meeting a girl who loves games.. and a cute one, too.." His friend blushes. Neat?

We go back and forth and apparently, they're loving it. I'm not. I'm not trying to lead them on, just being nice. I tell them I have to go, and I end up talking to them for, like.. fifteen minutes. "I've really got to be going.." He asks for my number again and insists I go with them. He whips out his cell phone to put my number in, but I keep telling him I can't. I keep telling them off.. they persist. They seemed really sweet and sincere, but I just didn't feel like it. ON THE RAG, YOU KNOW. YEAH. THE RAG.

It sucked. I was really, really uncomfortable. This is why I stay in my XXLs. That's the last time in a LONG time that I venture out of them. Forget it.

I also bought gifts for a few friends, going out in the mail tomorrow.
Oh, yeah. My older brother got in an accident and totaled his car, so he got another one on this insurance plan or summat.. it's fucking nice. Mitsubishi Eclipse, almost new. What the fuckery? It's so.. nice. And I saw Lemony Snicket today, it was pretty good. This lady had these two twins and they kept talking (not whispering, talking), so Johnny turns and goes "shh.." then I "shhhh!" then Johnny goes "Jesus Christ, SHUT UP." They stopped.

Enjoy the end of the year, everybody.
Stooges marathon for me!
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