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I've been really, really sick lately. When I inhale, I can hear the breath going into my lungs and it sounds like someone crumpling paper up, then when I exhale, it's hard for the air to go through, and I end up coughing. I feel like crap.

Almost holidays! Hooray. I find that the week or so before the holidays themselves are usually long and labourious, then the day itself whizzes by.. and the days following, too. Then back to a skidding halt as we await the next round. I still haven't finished my shopping or anything, and the days are winding down..

So this girl I'm friends with (and happen to see all day long) has been really nice to me lately. I figure she's just being her usual, happy self, but then I find out from her sister that she's into girls. (!!) "Yeah, she's been a lesbian since, like, 8th grade", she tells me. "And she has a crush on you." Aw! That's sweet, but I have no idea how to tell her that I'm not gay. How many times do I have to go through this situation? What's with girls liking me? xP And all the guys I've been with in the past -- I hated every one of them. Go figure!

What else? Nothing else. The dry winter air is killing my skin, though. I wish I lived someplace warm.. LIKE IN CALIFORNIA WITH CHO-CHO. Oh, I also signed a bunch of forms for my entry into the Air Force the other day and took a practice ASVAB. I got all of the Verbal right, and about 40% of the Mathematical. What a surprise, right? I fucking told this lady I can't do math. It just doesn't work with me, I don't know. English and the like, though.. I'm awesome at.

I just want to go lie down; but I have to go update my Venture Bros. site, check my email, do other website related things.. do my laundry.. I just don't feel like being online right now.
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