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Aw, my paid account expired.. ;_; I miss all the icons. Oh well! THANKS loserluigi! I still owe you. xB~#SO

So, yeah, nothing much going on.. HOLIDAY SHOPPING. Very, very low on cash. Might have to dig into the bargain bins for this year..

Oh! I got two of my shirts in the mail today. Still waiting on Ziggy, Mr. T, Freddie, and Popeye.. but I got Nintendo and Jimi Hendrix, though both appear to be too small for me. (Did someone mismeasure? Yeah!) Check it out:

RINGERS! <3 All the shirts I ordered are ringers except the next one. Jimi Hendrix, mmmmm!~ Too small (most obviously) but I plan on re-ordering larger ones.

Nintendo! <3 This one is definitely being replaced by a larger one. Though, with both, I had ordered the largest available; I'm going to ask if maybe they HAVE larger, because I love the designs and such but the size displeases me greatly. It's not just that they're tiny (way too tiny for me), but they ride up -- and they sort of bunch up under my chest, which is not only embarrassing but uncomfortable. (Plus they sort of make my jubblies look droopy, which they aren't.. they're way perky. (HAHA SORRY INAPPROPRIATE.) But since the shirt rides up my back, and the front falls forward.. you know what I mean? I'm so not droopy.. argh.

Anyway, I need me a shower. Git outta mah stink-howse!~

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