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So remember that!

Okay, so here's the thing..

I did my wonderful presentation. The 25 minute oral? It ended up a 45-minute oral. The visual and product were both frowned upon, and I ended up getting.. an 80! Wowee! I would have been just fine with something like a 71 (because I just wanted to pass), but an 80 is phenomenal for someone like me who is used to nothing but Cs all across.

Apparently, I failed every component except the speech, but the judges said something akin to, "you were very comfortable speaking in front of total strangers and obviously knew a lot about the subject", so the speech saved my ass. And yeah, I have no problem at all getting up in front of people and stuff like that, so I got lucky.

Now that this crap is over and done with, a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.. however, a much larger one has been set in its place, this one being my entry into the Air Force come this next summer. I'm taking the ASVAB pretty soon (actually have to stay overnight in a hotel just to take it, how neat.. I LOVE hotels, incase you didn't know that) and from there, I've got it all mapped out. I'm hoping it's as easy and pleasant as I'm imagining it is, though we all know I'm never right, so.. here's hoping. I've got to make calls and sign papers and all that jazz, so I'm forseeing a lot of stress in the upcoming months, clashing with the holiday season, oh no!~

About to work on my Venture Bros. site for a bit, then read up on the ASVAB and make some tea.. so I'll end this on a beg-a-thon note of sorts.

I'd REALLY (emphasis, REALLY REALLY) like two portraits of mine unloaded on Furc, if anyone reading this is on there, and I'm willing to offer an account at for it. It's ten dollars, and yes, I'm aware that "I can just get it myself", but not without a CCNow, and I don't .. have one. I'm not about to send cash in the mail (what with the bad luck with that) and I'd really like it done soon if possible. Thanks in advance to anyone considering.
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December 3 2004, 14:42:27 UTC 13 years ago

the ASVAB isnt that bad, just dont stress it and you should be ok. I think I got a 45 or something biut I just took it for fun.
hey baby, this is the arteest occasionally known as ruby c. stevens. add me if you wish.