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I don't know what happened with my presentation grade-wise, but I think it went terribly. The committee men (two, not three like there were originally) were yawning, rubbing their eyes, falling asleep.. nice. Then they avoided me when I went to get my evaluation. How awesome is that? At least I can enjoy this weekend without worrying about my horrendous failure. Save that for Wednesday, right?! There was also an issue with the computer system and my entire visual presentation sort of.. wasn't working. I freaked a little, but I don't think the two guys cared at all. They sort of had this "and why should I care?" expression on the entire time. Then I had to explain picture processing bits to them, and I did so very simply and carefully. However, neither of the men understood, and I think that made it even worse for my case. But I digress..

I have to watch a neighbour's two little children tomorrow evening. I've never met these people before, but apparently, Linda said it was okay for me to sit and make sure the kids are okay for the night.. forgetting that I absolutely loathe children, and she told me that they're 4 and 6. Is that a cute age? I forget. Doesn't matter, I still won't be able to stand them. Plus I'm feeling rather sick (again), sore throat and headaches, with additional pain in another region that I'm sure you don't care about. (Girly stuff, ew!) Gross!

Oh, yeah! Today is Thanksgiving! I hope everyone reading this had a good one. I did.. sort of. I mean, I made a lot of food and everyone ate well, but I think that because I wasn't feeling well, it was sort of reflected and brought everyone down. (Besides the fact that I haven't seen anyone at the table in months and months, with the exception of Linda.) I noticed that the mood was down due to my listless, i-just-want-to-go-lay-down attitude, and so in a desperate attempt, I reached over to the turkey and gently tore off the little wing, skin and all. I slipped my arm into my sleeve and held the little turkey-wing out like an arm, then smiled and said softly, "Call me Jonas.. Jonas Venture Junior.."

And then I was met with dead, awkward silence. Forks were lowered all at once with a melodious *clink!*, mouths stopped moving.. and so I wiggled the little arm and grinned. What else could I do? Someone (I forget who) put their head in their hands and went, "Oh my God.." and then we all laughed. We laughed! All at once! How great is that? Only half or so of the table were fans of the show, so I'm not even sure why everyone else was laughing -- though, most probably, it was because I was making an idiot of myself at the table. Regardless, Venture brings the family and friends together, you see?

Anyway, I'm exhausted and very sick, so I think I need to be on my way again.
I swear, I so live for the end of the day..

venture brothers are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

(Stolen from loserluigi!) That was my first time doing it, too. Honestly. It's one of those things that scans your interests and just plops it in there, but what're the odds I'd get VB first off? Nice. (I got Jimi Hendrix second and South Park third. Also awesome.)
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