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Well, I didn't go to class today because I had to get my photo ID for taking the ASVAB. They don't accept driver's licenses, so I went out and got a state ID, and now I'm all set!

I have to get up at 6am on Saturday, drive for FOUR hours to the centre, take the shuttle two MORE hours to the testing.. building, then I get to stay overnight in a hotel (paid for and all), then wake up at four in the morning on Sunday, take another shuttle three more hours to the place to get my physical and get my test results, then I get to speak to the career advisor who will give me a list of jobs in the Air Force that I can choose from. Yay!

I should be excited, but I'm more afraid than happy. I don't know why; something about this time of year kind of gets me down.
Oh, well. I really hope I don't fuck up the ASVAB. I tend to go blank-minded when it's something this important.
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